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Fortum Joensuu CHP plant (Kontiosuo)

This CHP plant is located in the Joensuu area of eastern Finland, and produces heat for c.40,000 inhabitants of Joensuu on a 180km district heating gird. Electricity is provided to the national grid. Wood and peat are used to create the bioenergy, as well as biogas from a landfill site, and reed canary grass. More […]

Kuittila farm/Kuittila Power Ltd

Kuittila Farm, situated in Nurmes in eastern Finland established a small scale (140Kw) CHP plant in December 2012. The CHP is based on the gasification of wood chips and provides bioenergy to the farm and co-located engineering works. The case study on the CHP plant at Kuittila Farm can be downloaded here: Case study of Kuittila […]

Creed Integrated Waste Management Facility

This facility is based on the Isle of Lewis, part of the Outer Hebrides. It involves the treatment of biowaste (paper, garden & kitchen waste) to produce energy by anaerobic digestion and CHP (fuelled by biogas). More information on this facility can be found at http://www.cne-siar.gov.uk/recycling/newwasteplantcreed.asp

Údarás na Gaeltachta

Údarás is a regional authority responsible for the economic, social and cultural development of the Gaeltacht areas in Ireland. They installed a 300kW woodchip boiler in 2012 at their head office in Furbo, c. 12 km from Galway city. The feedstock for this boiler is woodchip sourced from local suppliers. Further information on Údarás na […]

AFBI Agri Food and Bio Sciences Institute

AFBI are a leading provider of scientific research and services to government, non-governmental and commercial organisations in Northern Ireland. They have a 30kW anaerobic digestion plant, generating bioenergy from animal slurry and grass, and are currently installing an additional 99kW capacity. Additional details on AFBI can be found at http://www.afbini.gov.uk/ The full case study is […]

BioPAD went to Scotland!

BioPAD partners are all back home again and working hard to implement the decisions made on the Scottish Trip. We had an excellent visit to Scotland.  We had met up in Inverness and were driven to Thurso to see the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) where our Scottish partners are based.  ERI is housed in a […]

BioPAD learns from Austrian Bioenergy Experiences

BioPAD, an innovative bioenergy project led by the Western Development Commission, has completed a policy learning study tour to Austria with 16 partners, associates and policy makers.  The tour, organised by Action Renewables in Northern Ireland, took 2 days and included 8 visits in Eastern Austria, each examining a different aspect of bioenergy use. The […]

BioPAD – Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment – An NPP Project

Developing a local bioenergy market can provide significant opportunities for rural and remote areas, by improving security of energy supply, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions and stimulating the local economy by creating jobs and keeping payments for energy within the local community. A new project, BioPAD (Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment), which targets the […]