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Generating Renewable Energy Business Enterprise (GREBE) – A new Northern Periphery & Arctic (NPA) Programme Project

As a result of the RASLRES and BioPAD projects, a number of needs were identified around the areas of developing renewable energy businesses and supporting micro business and SMEs in this sector.  A project concept called ‘Generating Renewable Energy Business Enterprise (GREBE)’ was developed.  GREBE will focus on the challenges of peripheral and arctic regions […]

Bioenergy Emissions & Local Benefits

On behalf of Western Development Commission (WDC), Action Renewables, Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), and the Environmental Research Institute (ERI), we are pleased to announce the release of reports highlighting the benefits of bioenergy. The BioPAD Emissions Pack features four guides to Energy Flows and Carbon Emissions, an analysis of Greenhouse Reductions Resulting from the […]

ROKWOOD SRC Information Seminar – Mullingar – Tuesday 11th November 2014

The Irish ROKWOOD Cluster (WDC, DIT and Biotricity) are hosting the 5th ROKWOOD partner meeting and in conjunction with this, are holding this evening information seminar to give the partners from Germany, Sweden, Poland, Spain and the UK an opportunity to share their experiences with those involved in SRC in Ireland.  Participants will have the […]

BioPADs model energy supply contracts

Dr Neil James (Environmental Research Institute, North Highland College UHI, Scotland) has prepared a summary of the availability of sample energy supply contracts in BioPAD partner regions (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Finland). Entering the bioenergy market can be daunting for individuals, and members of both the public and business sector. A key barrier for […]

Learning to solve problems in the bioenergy supply chain.

Six short pilot actions were prepared for the BioPAD project to highlight different issues and impediments to development of the sector along the bioenergy supply chain. The objective was to help find solutions to issues along the bioenergy supply chain for suppliers, support services and users. Advice was provided to six pilot businesses on potential […]

Study of the local economic and social benefits of bioenergy

In May 2014 SLR Consulting Ltd was commissioned by the Western Development Commission (WDC) to conduct a study of the local economic and social benefits of bioenergy installations and their associated supply chains for the BioPAD project. The aim of this study was to measure and highlight where the employment from bioenergy occurs at a […]

The BioPAD Story – E-zine Issue 6 – September 2014

On behalf of Western Development Commission (WDC), Action Renewables, Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), and the Environmental Research Institute (ERI), we are pleased to announce the release of the sixth BioPAD e-zine. Issue 6 is the final instalment of the BioPAD E-zine series, and provides a summary of the key outputs and successful achievements of the project. […]

Identification of New Business Opportunities in Bioenergy

A growing bioenergy sector offers new business opportunities. Viable and innovative businesses are also needed to keep bioenergy on a path of continuous development. To help identify new business opportunities in bioenergy across regions of Northern Europe, we invite you to complete our survey.  In the survey, we provide examples of business opportunities already existing in some operational […]

EU looks to Canada in bioenergy

Former MEP and Green Party director Dr. Tarja Cronberg gave outlook of changing European energy policy at the Sustainable Energy Opportunities – seminar in Joensuu, Finland on 11th September. European Union Northern Periphery programme funded projects BioPAD and REMOTE organized joint seminar, where a high level picture of future perspectives was drawn. Self-sufficiency, fuel security […]

BioPAD goes to Finland !

The BioPAD team is off to Joensuu in Finland to attend the Final Conference for BioPAD and REMOTE on Thursday 11th of September. We are excited to hear about the results and outcomes of these two NPP projects. The conference has been organised around four interesting sessions: Overcoming barriers-real world bioenergy development Policy package Creating […]