Iceland: Bioenergy and Forestry in Treeless land

Iceland can be highlighted as an example of development of bioenergy from forest. Iceland has enormous geothermal heat reserves and a lot of hydropower. Iceland can be said to be the most developed country when we are talking about use of Renewable energy. More than 80 % of total energy consumption is based on renewable energy. The electricity price is Iceland is the lowest in whole Europe which make the use of biomass challenging. Still, wood energy can be an option.   The BioPAD project participated in a study tour of the forest supply chain in Iceland.

The full details of this case study ‘Bioenergy and Forestry in Treeless land: Establishment of Viable Wood energy supply chain and Forestry’ can be downloaded here: Case study of forestry development in Iceland

Kuhmo Local Bioenergy Production

Kuhmo is a city of 9,200 inhabitants on the eastern border of Kainuu, Finland, and like many other municipalities in Finland, Kuhmo utilizes a district heating network in the city center. Kainuu is one of the forerunner regions in the use of wood energy in Finland and the EU. This is based on excellent wood energy knowledge and production (in harvesting, logistics and production).  The total length of the district heating network is 28 km. The majority of buildings in the center of Kuhmo are connected to the district heating network.

More information on the city of Kuhmo can be found at

The full case study is available to download here Case Study for Kuhmo local bioenergy production

Fortum Joensuu CHP plant (Kontiosuo)

This CHP plant is located in the Joensuu area of eastern Finland, and produces heat for c.40,000 inhabitants of Joensuu on a 180km district heating gird. Electricity is provided to the national grid. Wood and peat are used to create the bioenergy, as well as biogas from a landfill site, and reed canary grass.


More information on this plant can be found at

The full case study report on this plant can be downloaded here: Case study of Fortum in Joensuu

Kuittila farm/Kuittila Power Ltd

Kuittila Farm, situated in Nurmes in eastern Finland established a small scale (140Kw) CHP plant in December 2012. The CHP is based on the gasification of wood chips and provides bioenergy to the farm and co-located engineering works.

Kuittila - nurmes_10

The case study on the CHP plant at Kuittila Farm can be downloaded here: Case study of Kuittila Farm