Action Renewables was formed in 2003 as a limited company and not for profit. Presently we have 12 staff based, at Boucher Business Studios in Belfast. We are a Renewable Energy expert company.


Our aim is to facilitate, educate and advise public and private bodies on renewable energy. More specifically, we support renewable energy development, develop and support European Projects, offer quality assurance to the renewable energy industry (Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation) and provide advice and information to Government. In doing so we are widely recognised as the leading authority on renewables in Northern Ireland, and our vision is to be a leading European Renewable Energy Organisation.

Action Renewables has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, including:

  • Detailed knowledge of the renewable energy resources and industry in Northern Ireland.
  • Technical knowledge and experience of the process of installing renewable energy technologies.
  • Independent technology monitoring information.
  • Experience of ‘hand-holding’ over 200 community groups through applications for over 400 renewable energy projects, including wind, solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump and biomass systems.
  • Strong relationship with the local renewable energy installer industry.
  • Capacity building in developing countries.

The growth of Action Renewables business led to the relocation to new office accommodation, on the Boucher Road, in Belfast in 2011. Action Renewables currently has a team that includes programme managers, environmental auditors, technical experts and marketing executives.

Action Renewables is involved with Biopad, because of the project’s objectives and outputs, which run parallel with many of our own aims and principles. These include the aim of promoting renewable energy, using biomass in our region. We are responsible for delivering Workpackage 2, which is focussed on bioenergy policy. The work includes:

  • The dissemination of the policy toolkits developed under RASLRES (a previous NPP project) and augmented in BioPAD
  • Targeted meetings with key policy makers, provide policy learning and to advocate policy change
  • Organising a policy learning trip to Gussing, in Austria, to gain understanding of the potential for bioenergy as a method of local economic stimulation.
  • Creation of a policy makers network, which will provide BioPAD with greater insight into the successes and difficulties of the policy making process.
  • Adding to the policy learning in RASLRES, by broadening the scope of policy understanding, to show how policies for rural and peripheral regions and for local enterprise development, can aid the development of bioenergy in local areas and how this in turn can benefit the wider economy and provide jobs.
  • An interaction with Workpackage 3 (supply chain mapping) and WP4 (regional bioenergy networks). Experiences on these work packages will highlight policy gaps and areas where support is required or where unintended policy outcomes are prevalent.

For further information contact:

Michael Doran
Tel: +44 (0) 28 9072 7762
Mobile: +44 (0) 7867 511 148

Action Renewables
Block C, Unit 1, Boucher Business Studios
Glenmachan Place, Belfast, BT12 6QH