The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) is a specialist research organisation which develops solutions to the challenges and questions posed by the care, utilisation, products, services and intangible value of forests.


Finland is Europe’s most forested country – 3/4 of its land area is under forest cover. By international comparison, Finland relies more heavily on its forests than any other country in the world. Against this background it is easy to understand the importance of forest research in Finland. Metla is the main forest research institution in Finland and one of the biggest forest research institutes in the whole Europe.

The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) was established in 1917, and started its activities in July 1918. Since then Metla has grown considerably; the current network of research units covers the whole country. The Finnish Forest Research Institute is a governmental, sectoral research institute, subordinate to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Metla’s duties are defined by the law and statute to promote, through research, the economical, ecological, and socially sustainable management and use of forests.

From the beginning of 2010 there are four regional units in Metla, Southern, Western, Eastern and Northern Regional Unit. The regional units are responsible for the research projects and information services managed by the unit, local administrative services, and management of the research forests in their region. Metla’s general management and coordination as well as the administration and internal services are situated in the Vantaa Region. The Joensuu Unit is a multidisciplinary expert organisation acting on both, national and international level. The research unit´s goal is to promote and to develop – through research – regional economic and enterprise activities based on forests and forestry products, especially in Eastern Finland.

Metla as a state organisation which is located in the NPP area sees its mission in supporting of the sustainable development of local communities. Metla is among the leading R&D institutions related to forestry and forest energy issues in Europe. Metla has been studying and developing technology and logistics for the supply of biomass for more than two decades. Although the biomass is readily available and there is proven power plant technology, research is essential in order to identify and mobilise the potential. Secure and cost competitive supply of feedstock is an important constraint of bioenergy investments. More detailed, project specific, biomass resource and supply chain analysis (machines and logistics) are the key to success, and should be carried out across Europe. Metla has proven records in the development of renewable energy solutions. Metla therefore utilises available opportunities to apply existing knowledge in order to contribute to welfare of local communities which is becoming increasingly important in Europe.


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